Monday, June 5, 2017

Steps to become your own Boss

Starting a company was one of the difficult task two decades ago. In this world of social media, it has become one of the easy tasks to start a company and become an entrepreneur. But, the big issue is about the competition that has increased in years making the job difficult. 

Let us see how you can be your own boss with less investment:

1.       Choose a business or a product.
2.        Plan on the strategy.
3.       Create a website for the product.
4.       Try to have an investor with the idea as many companies are searching for the talents and the business plans.
5.       If you get investment 70% of the job is done.
6.       If you do not get an investment try to continue with less money working for hours together.
7.       The point left is the dedication on the plan and how many percent of work you put on it.
8.       Then comes Advertising of the product, need to invest more on advertising than other things.
9.       SEO and content management is the next big step that is added in advertisement.
10.   Follow the steps on a daily basis till you succeed.
11.   If you do not have the ambition of reaching the peak or not interested in hard work you may continue helping others in their ambition.